Multi platform kotlin client for Elasticsearch & Opensearch

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What is Kt-Search

Kt-search is a Kotlin library that allows users to interact with Opensearch and Elasticsearch. It is a Kotlin multiplatform library that can be used on any platform that Kotlin can compile to. Currently, the jvm and js platforms are supported.

Why a new client?

Kt-search is the successor to my popular es-kotlin-client project.

A few changes in the wider ecosystem of Elasticsearch necessitated a complete rewrite:

In short, there are four variants of search a engine that used to be just Elasticsearch.

Kt Search - What’s new and what is different

A few years of development on the es-kotlin-client has produced quite a few learnings. Additionally, I added a lot of features over time and gradually introduced things like asynchronous IO using Kotlin co-routines, Query DSL support, and a few other things. These are all things that ended up being useful and preserved in the new client.