Multi platform kotlin client for Elasticsearch & Opensearch

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Migrating from the old Es Kotlin Client

Migrating from the old es-kotlin-client is quite easy but it is going to involve a bit of work:

Using the legacy client

To faciliate migrating to the new client, the old es-kotlin-client is preserved in the form of the legacy-client. It is largely the same code as the es-kotlin-client but with some changes to use the new search-dsl module.

You can use the legacy-client next to the kt-search client and gradually get rid of usages of the legacy-client. Once you are done, remove the dependency on the legacy-client

Alternatively, you can stick with the old client but bring in the search-dsls module to benefit from the new and improved json DSLs for mappings, querying, template management etc. and try to use those with the old extension functions against the RestHighLevelClient. Or, vice versa, use the old DSL with the new client.